Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

How we moved our applications and services to OCI

  • Register in a region
  • Create account
  • Setup Identity domain
  • Create Compartment
  • Create Virtual Network
  • Create SSL certificates
  • Create Website Instance
  • Port Website
  • Create Autonymous DB Serverless
  • Activate APEX Services
  • Configure Workspaces
  • Configure security
  • Configure DB access via load balancing & Wallets
  • Port Applications
  • Import Schema and data
  • Port Microservices MLE/Node to Oracle Funcitons
  • Configure Service Gateways
  • Configure DB to access Functions
  • Configure VPN Access
  • Configure Bastion Access
  • Thank you Oracle ISV team for all your support!


One response to “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure”

  1. A journey well worth taking. Lower costs, fast, secure, scalable, high availability domains..
    We are glad to be here!
    More blogs to come on all the topics, to share with those who wish to follow.
    Team s250

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