Oracle Applications Tools

A family of tools for professional Oracle Cloud Application administrators, auditors, power users and developers.

Understand ERP Roles Allocation

Clear reports on User Role allocations lead to understanding of the subscription costs

Snapshots to compare

Create and manage usage comparisons with snapshots, view before and after scenario impacts to subscription cost


Complex role structures and hierarchy are clearly shown to enable tracing of impacts to subscriptions to individual privileges

Secure+ features

A clear representation

  • See who has what
  • See what roles are allocated
  • See how that affects billing
  • And compare / impact changes with snap shots

Relationship visualisations

  • Hierarchy views
  • Radial views
  • Visualise roles within roles

List Impacted Subscriptions

  • Impacts by User, Role, Privileges
  • Compare over time through Snapshots
  • Full control over resources impacting billing

Cloud Tool

No Desk top application.

Fusion Cloud can be queried from Cloud.

Query Oracle Fusion

Design and develop with SQL with a VS code based UI. Execute SQL statements, save them, use them in your reports.

Browse the schema

Find and compare objects – see differences between Oracle Releases. See view SQL, Key relations and Search for fields.

sqlXtract features

Developer IDE

  • Code editor for SQL
  • Grid result display
  • Multiple results tabs and session settings

Schema browser

  • Release specific lookup
  • Quickly find the right tables and fields
  • Search fields, see view sql and link to documentation

Release Comparison

  • Pre empt changes to your existing queries – know exactly what has changed at column level
  • Improve existing sql with new columns as they are released
  • Easily query both releases to trace issues